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The instructional design at UpGrade Media Arts is very dynamic.  In addition to studying the core content areas (math, literacy, science and social studies/history), students experience a robust media arts curriculum.  Throughout their educational journey, students use AVID strategies and continue to nurture and develop relationships through an intentional, culturally responsive, social emotional lens.   Please click below to learn more about academics and the overall instructional design at UpGrade Media Arts.

Core Courses –
Wisconsin Virtual School

Students take most core (math, science, social studies and literacy) courses through the Wisconsin Virtual School.  They engage in the courses while on site at our campus.  Even though students are with our licensed staff in-person, the core instruction is mostly provided online by WVS teachers.  This creates a unique partnership between UpGrade and WVS that allows flexibility and focus on students’ individual academic needs.

The Media Arts

The media arts are vital to our instructional design. We believe that the distance-learning experience students receive prepares them for successful careers in the arts and technology. Our students take courses emphasizing five online multimedia arts platforms.

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At UpGrade we prepare students to excel academically, develop critical thinking, literacy and leadership skills


AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. It is a program designed to help students prepare for entrance to colleges and universities. Central to the AVID program are the WICOR strategies. WICOR stands for Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization and Reading.

Social Justice Framework

Our approach to teaching and learning is inspired by the work of Maisha Winn, author of Justice on Both Sides: Transforming Education Through Restorative Justice (2018)

Learning Partnerships and Personalization

Learning partnerships are at the heart of our school. We believe it is our responsibility as educators to initiate and nurture trusting relationships with our students because we know that this is paramount to deep, meaningful, transformative learning. Our students teach us how to teach them. We use this knowledge to access instructional resources and design curriculum that is culturally relevant while accelerating students’ learning. This is how we know that all of our students will engage in and enjoy the unique learning experience that UpGrade Media Arts Schools offer.

Graduation Requirements

  • Media Arts and Business – 1 Credit
  • Social Justice – 1 Credit
  • English/Language Arts – 4 Credits
  • Math – 3 Credits
  • Science – 3 Credits
  • Social Studies – 3 Credits
  • Physical Education – 1.5 credits
  • Health – 0.5 credits (in grades 7-12)
Students are also expected to complete a digital portfolio that includes one media arts project produced and presented at the culmination of each academic year.