Core Courses – Wisconsin Virtual School

Students take most core (math, science, social studies and literacy) courses through the Wisconsin Virtual School.  They engage in the courses while on site at our campus.  Even though students are with our licensed staff in-person, the core instruction is mostly provided online by WVS teachers.  This creates a unique partnership between UpGrade and WVS that allows flexibility and focus on students’ individual academic needs.

Wisconsin Virtual School (WVS), is the state-led online and blended learning supplemental program that partners with school districts throughout Wisconsin, to offer online courses to middle and high school students.

WVS has operated out of CESA 9 since 2000 and has served over 52,000 enrollments to date, with over half of Wisconsin’s school districts participating in the program. 

WVS “uncomplicates” the process of adding online courses to a district’s middle and high school curriculum.
WVS takes care of the details, providing the content, learning management system (LMS), Wisconsin-certified online teachers, technical support, training, server, and much more.  

Click below to see the list of courses offered by WVS.

WVS Middle and High School Courses