The Media Arts

The media arts are vital to our instructional design. We believe that the distance-learning experience students receive prepares them for successful careers in the arts and technology. Our students take courses emphasizing five online multimedia arts platforms. They are:


black and white countdown showing 1 second left set within a black and white film strip

Student narratives and creativity are at the heart of film studies. Through the exploration of literature and original works, students create compelling stories that serve as the basis of learning. They tell their stories through film to gain a wider reach to audiences.


tablet screen showing different streaming services' app tiles (MTV, CBC, etc.)

Much like the film studies, students learn to create television shows and original programming that enlighten, entertain and inform. Each semester, students produce a “short” that is presented during student showcases and UpGrade Media Arts festivals.

Radio and Podcasting

student wearing headphones sits in room with lots of natural light in the background in front of a laptop and microphone

Through radio and podcasting, students present their culture, community and perspectives to others. They explore music, news and educational resources, and share their learning using internet platforms. UpGrade Media Arts publishes student works each month.

Recording Arts

microphone close up photo

Students create and present original works in a recorded arts format. Each semester, projects consist of spoken word pieces, digital downloads, musical compilations and audiobooks, to name a few. Students’ projects are made available on their individual school portfolio websites as well as on the UpGrade Media Arts online channels.

Instruction in the Media Arts

Classes are taught by professional artists or higher education, graduate-level students. These individuals are all working – or aspire to work – in these fields, which gives our students an advantage as they work toward their chosen fields.