Personalized Instructional Coaches

Instructional coaches connect with teachers and students to provide additional ideas, strategies or skills for teachers to tap into. They mentor their partner through different units or topics of studies and offer guidance and feedback to ultimately help students be more successful.

At UpGrade, we have changed the subject from the teacher to the student. In addition to enrolling our students in core courses (Math, Literacy, Science and Social Studies/History) provided by the Wisconsin Virtual School, we will also augment their learning by providing a Personalized Instructional Coach (PIC) to each student. PICs are fully licensed teachers who serve as liaisons, mentors and advisors to UpGrade students. We require PICs to be licensed because we expect high-quality instructional support for every student to further elevate their learning above and beyond the core content and across all educational experiences they receive at UpGrade.

With the support of PICs, as previously described, students will have access to hands-on instructional coaches who will be charged with observing, diagnosing, evaluating and supporting students throughout the learning process to further promote their achievement. The hybrid model makes interaction with their PICs more accessible and promotes direct and personal relationships. PIC time is scheduled upon mutual agreement between the students and PICs for mentoring and instructional support, as well as for support on peer group-selected projects. Each of our students will select their own PIC based off of their shared characteristics, qualities, skills, and interests. 

The PIC model will promote a learning culture where students learn from their PICs and vice versa. In their partnership they will be able to hone in on the student and specialize their meetings specifically to them. By connecting students early on with professionals, they will start making meaningful connections and relationships that will last throughout their college years and beyond. We believe that this additional, personalized educational experience will provide a fail-proof plan to ensure the success of every student.

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