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Student Global Community Council (SGCC)

Student Global Community Council (SGCC)

Amplifying Students’ Voices

As a student-centered school network, UpGrade Media Arts Schools thrive when students’ voices are amplified and integrated into our decision-making.  To demonstrate our commitment to student-centered decision making, the UpGrade Chief Executive Officer, the Leadership Team and the Governing Board seek and uplift the input and leadership of students in our day-to-day operations and future endeavors.  The UpGrade Student Global Community Council (SGCC) is the most highly regarded entity within our school network.

Overview of the Student Global Community Council

The purpose of the UpGrade Media Arts Student Global Community Council is to leverage the educational and life experiences of all 6th -12th grade students enrolled at UpGrade Media Arts Schools, Inc.  to inform and conduct our continuous improvement process.  We believe that the most robust and meaningful discussions, recommendations and action plans occur when a variety of student perspectives enter the dialogue.  As a result, UpGrade students also meet monthly with grades 6-12 students who are members of our SGCC Consortium.  The students in the SGCC Consortium attend other schools across the state and nation, as well as globally.

Student officers hold monthly meetings, prepare monthly reports and present their reports to the Chief Executive Officer.  Student officers then, in partnership with the Chief Executive Officer, report to the UpGrade Media Arts Governing Board at the regularly-scheduled monthly meetings.  Reports may include carefully vetted recommendations presented by the SGCC which are to be carried out by the Chief Executive Officer, the designees of the CEO, the staff and the UpGrade Governing Board.

If your school community is interested in joining the SGCC Consortium, please contact:

Dr. Tequila Kurth, Chief Executive Officer at

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