5 point Star with each point representing a letter. The top point is Green with w, the next point to the right is pink with an I, the next is blue with a c, the next is purple with an O, and the last is yellow with a R. The center of the star has the following text, "Writing Inquiry Collaboration Organization Reading".

AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. It is a program designed to help students prepare for entrance to colleges and universities. Central to the AVID program are the WICOR strategies. WICOR stands for Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization and Reading.

  • Writing is a learning tool, a personal and public communication tool, and serves as a record of thinking. Students who write consider audience and purpose, engage in various writing processes to address specific situations, support their thinking, and demonstrate understanding.

  • Inquiry is uncovering one’s understanding, asking critical questions, engaging in thinking, learning and discussion. Students who inquire analyze and synthesize materials or ideas, clarify their own thinking, probe others’ thinking, and work through ambiguity.

  • Collaboration is teamwork with shared responsibility, sharing of ideas, information and opinions, and formal and informal discussion. Students who collaborate work together toward a common goal, develop positive interdependence, work in focused study groups, and support the learning of others through inquiry.

  • Organization is managing materials and practicing methodical study habits, planning and prioritizing school, work and social tasks, engaging in mental preparation and goal-setting, and strategically and intentionally taking responsibility for one’s own learning. Students who organize develop and use processes, procedures and tools to study effectively, manage their time through prioritizing and goal-setting, are prepared for courses, participate during instruction and interact with instructors, and self-direct, self-evaluate, self-monitor and self-advocate.

  • Reading is strategically gaining meaning, understanding and knowledge from print and other media, purpose-driven, and interactive. Students who read understand text structures, apply prior knowledge and make connections to other text, self and world, made predictions and ask questions, and create visual images as they read.

While students who utilize the AVID framework in many other school settings are often categorized as “middle of the road” learners with potential, who may have experienced academic challenges, we believe that all students will benefit from the continuous use of WICOR strategies. That is why every student who is enrolled in UpGrade Media Arts School will be an AVID student.


AVID Critical Reading Lesson Example

Courtesy of AVID.org, a sample critical reading lesson is included below. Our lesson materials are inspired by our students’ experiences and selected to ensure that the most relevant content is presented. All content is aligned to Common Core and National Media Arts Standards.

AVID-Critical-Reading-Example Download

Q&A with Dr. Kurth - What is AVID?