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April 7th, 2023 

Dear UpGrade Media Arts Community: 

For the week ending April 7th, a lot is happening!  High schools students are starting their ACT testing and prep while our middle schoolers are preparing for the Wisconsin Forward Test. In business, students are exploring different career opportunities and examining how much income those chosen careers make. In science, students are learning about plate tectonics and what happens when they shift or collide.


Here are some highlights from this week: 

  • Academics: In addition to completing other high level academic work this week, students are using critical thinking skills to examine mathematics puzzles.  During one activity called “Which One Does Not Belong,” students are expected to identify ways that one piece of a four-part puzzle is different than the others.  All answers that students give are correct, as long as they are true.  Here is an example of one, courtesy of and creator Mary Bourassa: 

  • Business: As we continue our lessons in personal finance, students are taking a deep look into stocks and are learning the difference between common stock and preferred stock. Students also played a credit game called “Credit Clash” that teaches them how to pay their bills on time. 

  • Science: This week students have been learning about astronomy, how astronomers calculate distances, and more about our solar system. 

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  • Please call 833-922-2438 and press 1 to contact the main office to report an absence. Leave a message if there is no answer. 

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  • No School Friday (Good Friday), April 7, 2023. 

  • In person student-led parent teacher conferences are April 10th.  Please remember to sign up! 


Please enjoy the photos below… 


Ms. Brandi discusses a scene with Drew and Saniyah. 

   Jayden uses an oculus to explore media content.

Trueman presents his original script to the class.