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January 6, 2023 

Dear UpGrade Media Arts Community: 

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had an opportunity to have a wonderful holiday break. We would like to welcome our newest student, Kamari, to our UMA family. For the week of January 6th, students prepared to take their MAP assessments in preparation for the next semester. 

Here are some highlights from this week: 

  • Academics: Students are finishing their first semester courses in WVS.  In most cases, the courses will end by the 3rd week in January.  The final results from each WVS course will be combined with their in-person work.  All of this information will determine their Semester I grades on the report card.  Reports cards will also include students’ social justice, AVID, and learning partnership work. 

  • Business: This week students performed a dry run of their business pitch for the business pitch competition next week on Friday. Students provided positive feedback for each pitch and provided constructive criticism. Students also asked questions regarding each of their businesses.  

  • Science: This week students are learning about engineering, engineering technology, and engineering design in preparation for their final projects. Students will be following the engineering design method to invent a solution that solves a problem in their local or global community.  



*** Please read the very important reminders below *** 

  • Please call 833-922-2438 and press 1 to contact the main office to report an absence. Leave a message if there is no answer. 

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Please enjoy the photos below… 

Dr. Kurth Mr. Thompson Ms. Woods 





Trueman practicing his pitch 


Jayden is bringing ideas to life through animation 


Reggie is building friendships and creating community through esports gaming  


Drew is creating calming videos for people with anxiety.