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January 27th, 2023 

Dear UpGrade Media Arts Community: 

For the week of January 27th, UMA students are starting their semester two courses and preparing for their student-led parent-teacher conferences presentation. In business, students are learning about credit and credit scores and in science, students are taking a look at real-world engineered inventions and inspecting them against the engineering design process.  


Here are some highlights from this week: 

  • Academics:  

    • Civics Exam: For students who have not yet taken the civics exam, they will complete this short course during the 2nd semester.  The civics exam is a graduation requirement for all students in the state of Wisconsin.  

    • Driver’s Education Class: Students who are participating in driver’s education courses should have received their introduction and orientation materials.  Please review the permission slips that you signed.  They include expectations for students for successful completion of the course.   

  • Business: This week students are learning about credit. We discussed the inception of credit cards and talked about FICO or credit scores. We looked at irresponsible and responsible ways of using credit cards.   

  • Science: This week students reviewed products and inventions, then checked them against the engineering design process. Students were able to identify the problem a product was meant to solve, compare it to similar products, and recognize how the product should be redesigned. Part 2 of the Science project is due 2/01/2023. 


*** Please read the very important reminders below *** 

  • Please call 833-922-2438 and press 1 to contact the main office to report an absence. Leave a message if there is no answer. 

  • Remember to like UpGrade Media Arts on Facebook and Instagram. 

  • Report Cards will be sent on January 27th. 

  • UMA Business Competition is February 2nd, 2023.  

    • Where: NO Studios Theatre Room (First Floor) 

    • Time: 1 pm – 3 pm 

  • Parent–Teacher Conferences are on February 10th. 


Please enjoy the photos below… 



Inserting image... 

Kamari, Meli, and Aaliyah singing, “Rolling in The Deep” by Adele for our impromptu UMA Lunch Karaoke. 



Our newest partner, Ms. Reed, is playing afocusing game of Zip, Zap, and Zop with the students. 


Ms. Reed teaching an acting activity that helps boost the confidence of our high school and middle school students.