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February 3rd, 2023 

Dear UpGrade Media Arts Community: 

For the week of February 3rd, semester II courses are in full swing. Our high school students have also been taking their driver’s education courses along with their civics exams. Our very first UMA Business Pitch Competition was a huge success as students pitched their business ideas to the judges and audience to win two $300 prizes. The judges and audience loved it so much that some offered to give an additional $300 to the runners-up!  


Here are some highlights from this week: 

  • Academics:  

    • Semester II Courses: Semester II courses have begun!  We are proud of our students for completing their first round of core academics.  Parents have access to view the Math, English Language Arts, and Social Studies courses as well as student grade books in WVS.  Please check the email that we have on file for you for weekly reports and updates on student progress.  

    • Civics Exam: Congratulations to the students who have already completed their civics exam.  The civics exam is a graduation requirement for all students in the state of Wisconsin.  

  • Business: This week students participated in our very first UMA Business Pitch Competition. Congratulations to the winners and all of those that participated. Students also played a game that taught them how certain scenarios can impact their credit scores.  

  • Driver’s Education Class: Driver’s education classes have begun. We ask that parents/guardians review the expectations with students who are enrolled in this course to continue to take advantage of this opportunity.  


  • Student-Led Parent–Teacher Conferences are on February 10th.  Parents don’t forget to sign up.  Check the email we have on file to access the sign-up sheet. 

  • Laptop Chargers Update: We have requested replacement laptop chargers for students.  Chargers will be arriving to school in a few days.  We appreciate your patience and thank you for supplying USB-c charging devices in the meantime. 


*** Please read the very important reminders below *** 

  • Please call 833-922-2438 and press 1 to contact the main office to report an absence. Leave a message if there is no answer. 

  • Remember to like UpGrade Media Arts on Facebook and Instagram. 


Please enjoy the photos below… 




Highlights from the UMA Business Pitch Competition 



Congratulations to our UMA Business Pitch Winners.  



TrueMan, the founder of Charge Up Hydration. 


Inserting image... 

Reggie, the founder of E-Homies Sports.  


Caleb pitching his company, Off Topic Original Clothing Line. 


Mr. Thomspon