Congratulations to Dr. Kurth for her recent acceptance into the BizStarts Institute. BizStarts is targeted to entrepreneurs with strong business ideas who are launching early stage ventures. It features top faculty and business coaches, subject matter experts and entrepreneurs.
18 days ago, Upgrade Media Arts
Dr. Kurth
Today, UpGrade Media Arts students learned how to read pay stubs. They learned how payroll taxes are deducted, what gross income is, and what net pay is.
6 months ago, UpGrade Media Arts Schools
student working on an assignment at a computer
Saniyah and Jordan are working on a science project that involves building a bridge. They are using the scientific method to document their progress. (Science Time is Good Time at UpGrade Media Arts School)
6 months ago, UpGrade Media Arts Schools
students working on a project at a desk
From learning how to draw box plots, to learning how to create NFT’s, our UpGrade Media Arts Students minds stay active! 💡💡WWW.UPGRADESCHOOLS.ORG We are enrolling for Fall 2022 Choose UpGrade Media Arts for your 6th-12th Graders.
6 months ago, UpGrade Media Arts Schools
student at computer
Congratulations to UpGrade Media Arts student Meli S. who is receiving a full scholarship to Columbia College Chicago’s “Summer at Columbia.” Meli will be taking media arts and entrepreneurship courses and staying on campus over the summer months while earning both high school and college credits. Thank you, Columbia, for being an amazing partner!
7 months ago, UpGrade Media Arts Schools
Meli posed for a picture